Kangaroo Knife Fight


I’m so excited to be able to present the first post in my new “day in the life” style series titled I know what you did last concert! (hubby suggested it as a joke, and I just loved it!). This series will aim to follow various bands on a concert day to give some insight into what it’s like to be a performing band behind-the-scenes. So now that you have the basics of the series, let me introduce the first band!

Kangaroo Knife Fight is a homegrown Kansas City band whose lead singer is from Australia! The name started much the same way as the title for this series: mostly as a joke (you’ll have to ask the band to explain when you meet them at a show!). The band performed with Anthony on vocals, Gus on bass, Brandon on guitar, and Lennon on drums. You should definitely check them out and get to know these guys. They’re really great and laid back!


I arrived at the concert as the band was doing their soundcheck. I was able to snap a few pictures of them practicing on-stage once I got my pass to shoot with my camera.


After the soundcheck, I met the guys and hung out while waiting for the show to start. They went for some drinks at the Dubliner, then spent some time in the green room before the Power & Light interns came in for an interview. Once that was finished, we went back out and met up with a group of the band’s friends. A few minutes before the show, the band set up the merch table then headed backstage to prepare for their performance.


Then it was time to perform! The guys did great on stage, and I know a lot of people fell in love with the band from this performance. If you get the chance, you should definitely catch their show. It’s worth it!


After the show, they packed the stage, loaded their gear, and headed out to the merch table to greet their fans. Pictures were taken, EPs were signed, and memories were made with these down-to-earth guys.

This was such a great experience, and I loved getting to hangout with these guys!

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