Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update

Week 2 has officially come to a close, and with that, more stats to share! This week included a full work schedule, so I had a little less time to actually get into the writing, but I still managed to get some words on the screen and sail over my halfway point.

Week 3 weekend is going to offer even less time for writing with hubby’s birthday, high school reunion, and a Royals game. I’m down to about 1 day of writing with all of that. In addition, my schedule is shifting at work this week so that I’m going in on Friday, so I don’t foresee lots of words this week.


July beginning word count: 31,802
Week 1 word count:
Week 2 word count:
Total July count:
Total word count:
Words till goal:
Percentage complete:

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