Wyland, Llywelyn’s Pub, March 12, 2017

So my 30th birthday was this past Sunday, March 12. Through the crazy timing of fate, one of my favorite bands happened to be coming through Kansas City on that exact date, so that’s how I celebrated! We set up a birthday party and show at Llywelyn’s Pub in Overland Park, KS, and with Wyland playing, it was amazing!

Wyland consists of four guys from the New Jersey area. They are really great guys, and I love their music! I have four bands listed in my Twitter bio, and they’re one of them, so that should give an example of how much I love these guys.

At this show, Ryan was on vocals and guitar, Zach was on bass, Chris was on drums, and Pablo was on the keyboard.

They just released their second EP, Snake Hill, so they are touring to celebrate that and to get down to SXSW in Austin. Their first EP, In a Sea of Things Unsaid, was released last March. Both are great and every song is beautiful, so I highly recommend giving them a listen!

I shot these with my Canon Rebel T5, 18-55mm kit lens cause it’s been awhile and I completely forgot to get out my Nifty Fifty that I bought specifically for concerts.

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