I’m still exploring…

So, I got into photography because of a really great concert experience I had. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to get those amazing shots of the band with my phone camera, and while I did manage to get several, I realized I could do so much better with an actual camera. I went out and bought my first, a Canon Rebel T5, and started shooting. I had no real direction other than concerts, so I focused on that starting out.

I soon discovered that there were many more aspects and focuses to photography than I’d realized. I explored nature shots, played around with taking pictures of animals, and tried my hand at astro/night sky photography. I’ve learned that I really don’t have a specific direction that I want to go in with my photography. It will probably stay a hobby for the time being, but that just gives me even more opportunity to really dive into what all photography has to offer.

So I’m curious. For those photographers reading this, what was your initial focus when getting into photography, and did that evolve or change as you learned more and did some exploring?

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