New Beginnings Dog Rescue

I’m finally getting my pictures posted from the shoot I did for New Beginnings Dog Rescue! This was almost a year ago, so all of these dogs have been adopted, but make sure to check their website to see what other animals are up for adoption. This group relies solely on foster families, as they don’t have a facility to house all of the dogs in. That means they bring their adoptable pets to  PetSmart in Olathe, KS in order to find forever homes. These events happen most Saturdays at 11am-2pm, so be sure to stop by and meet the wonderful foster families and their adorable, adoptable pups!

New Beginnings also has a really great fundraiser going right now that includes a whole box of Kansas City’s favorite goodies! The details are at the bottom of their website, and on the Facebook page.

The boxes include:
12 oz. Pizza Shoppe The “Pink” Stuff Salad dressing
18 oz. Gates Original Classic BBQ Sauce
8 oz. Gates Original Classic Seasoning
1.75 oz. Roasterie Kansas City Blend Coffee
1 oz. Mama Socorro’s Gourmet Taco Seasoning
1 oz. Mama Socorro’s Holy Mol’e Guacamole


Picture from New Beginnings’ website.

I really enjoyed photographing these dogs. They were all so sweet, and one even decided to forego the pictures to climb up on my lap for a nap (it was adorable!!). Have I mentioned that I love animals? Unfortunately, I didn’t think to write down any of the dogs’ names, so I don’t have that information anymore. This was my first time photographing dogs outside of my own or my family’s, so it was an interesting challenge, but very fun. So without further ado, here are the pictures I got from this day’s shoot. I’m just posting my favorite for each dog. 🙂

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