New Beginnings

So, I’ve decided to step into a new arena within the photography realm: pet photography. The first pictures I took with my camera were of my pets. I just love the little buggers so much! Truthfully, I love animals tremendously. Ask any of my family or friends about me, and it’ll be guaranteed to come up. So to get back into photography more, I’m going to refocus and look to the animals I love, through a lens. My first order of business was to volunteer to help a local pet rescue by taking pictures of their adoptable pets for their website. I’ve read many articles that discuss the important role a good picture can play in the adoption of an animal, so I am volunteering my time and camera this Saturday to New Beginnings Dog Rescue. They’ll be having an adoption event at the Olathe Petsmart at 119th and Strang Line, so stop by, say hi, and maybe go home with a new family member!

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