Kongos & Kangaroo Knife Fight, Kansas City Power & Light, 6/26/2015

I’m so excited to have finally shot a concert with my Canon! This concert was a lot of firsts for me: first press pass, first time backstage, first concert shot with my camera, first time I worked directly with a band, and first for the series shoot I really wanted to try! Overall, it was a wonderful experience. 🙂 This concert was with Kongos and Kangaroo Knife Fight at the Kansas City Power & Light District.

I was working with Kangaroo Knife Fight to do a “Day in the life” shoot. With that, I got to hang out with this wonderful band and see what it was like to be a band on show day. They were really great to watch perform, as well, and I just love their music! It also doesn’t hurt that they’re a homegrown artist from KC, so it’s always exciting seeing a local band. If you get the chance, and you’re in the area, definitely check these guys out!

The headliner was Kongos. I love their music, and enjoyed their music videos, too. They’re definitely energetic live, and can get the crowd going. I also had a lot of fun listening to their covers of some really great songs!

These pictures were taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T5.

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