SomeKindaWonderful & Marc Scibilia, recordBar, 3/28/2015

The recordBar has quickly become my favorite venue for concerts! I love being close to the stage and meeting the musicians after their performances. Luckily, I got to see another amazing show there on March 28 when SomeKindaWonderful and Marc Scibilia came through Kansas City.

Marc Scibilia was blessed with the opportunity to sing a beautiful version of This Land is Your Land during Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad. We were lucky enough to hear that rendition live during his show, as well, and it’s just as amazing in person! When listening to him beforehand, I must admit that his music just didn’t strike me as “my type.” Watching him live, however, completely changed my opinion! He’s a wonderful singer, and I would love to see him perform again. He also has a new album out, so go check it out!

I had already been listening to SomeKindaWonderful for a while before their concert, so I knew most of their songs, and was very much looking forward to their concert. They did not disappoint! The lead singer, Jordy, is so full of energy and quirky dance moves that it’s hard not to have fun watching him. They put on one heck of a performance that I would catch every time!

Both groups are amazing post-concert, as well. They’re easy to talk to and so much fun.

These photos were taken with my iPhone 6. There were a lot of light changes with SomeKindaWonderful’s set, so there are some interestingly lit shots in this group of pictures.

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