The Night the Buzz Stole Xmas Night 2, The Midland, 12/20/2014

My second concert to post about is The Night the Buzz Stole Xmas Night 2. It occurred on December 20, 2014 at The Midland Theater. This show included: Glass Animals, Bleachers, Banks, Misterwives, and The Outsides (a Kansas City homegrown artist!). This was one of the most amazing concerts I’ve been to! It was so full of energy and fun, and I would see most of these bands every time they come to town! While not all of the bands were my cup of tea, the entire show was still a blast.

I didn’t get many usable pictures of The Outsides and none of Banks, unfortunately. Bleachers and Misterwives really sold this concert for me. They are energetic and absolutely amazing live! I didn’t realize how much I love Bleachers until I knew all of the words to every song. The singer in Misterwives is so peppy and full of energy that it would be hard not to enjoy their show. Glass Animals is a must-see band. Their cool, laid-back vibes really get you feeling the music. The first time I saw The Outsides was as the opener for Glass Animals when they first came to town, and they killed it! This is definitely a band to watch. Banks definitely has her own style, and though I listened to some of her music before the concert, I really didn’t know and wasn’t able to get into many of her songs.

These pictures were taken with my iPhone 6, so some of them may be a little blurry or improperly lit. Any picture that’s zoomed in will probably be a bit grainy due to the distance.

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