Night Riots & Draemings, recordBar, 3/2/2015

To kickstart my 2015 concert season, I went to a free show at the recordBar to see Draemings and Night Riots on March 20. I almost missed this concert, but I am so glad I didn’t! This was the concert that led me to photography, and is one of my favorite ones! This was also my first time at recordBar, and the first show I went to alone (a lot of firsts with this one!).

Draemings is a wonderful band that you should check out! They’re fun and play great music. I would definitely see them again. It doesn’t hurt that they’re so nice in person, too!

I completely fell in love with Night Riots at this show. Though I always listen to the bands before their show so I know what to expect, I still only really knew their hit, Contagious, going into this concert. That has since changed. In a small venue like recordBar, and with an energetic band like Night Riots, the feel of the show is just amazing! My favorite spot in the crowd is right up front, and it completely paid off at this concert! There’s not a single song from this band that I don’t like, so I highly recommend taking a listen!

These pictures were taken with my iPhone 6. Due to the fast movement of some of the band members, some of the pictures are blurry and/or not the best. Not being able to adjust shutter speed on a phone makes it difficult to focus and snap a fast enough picture.

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