Alt-J, The Midland, 10/29/2014

I want to start out by loading the pictures I have from recent concerts that I took with my phone. Because I just got into concerts, I only have a few that I really took any pictures at. The first concert to post is Halloweenie Roast Night 2, which is put on by 96.5 the Buzz. It was at the Midland theater on October 29, 2014, featuring Alt-J.

What was unique about this concert was that Game 7 of the World Series was going on at the same time! While this would normally not affect Kansas City, 2014 was a different story! With the Royals in the Series, the headliner pushed their set back until after the game was over. While we didn’t win, we did still get to experience one amazing concert afterwards!

These were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Some may not be the best or clearest quality, but I love how they turned out anyways! This set also has one of my all-time favorite pictures that I’ve taken at a concert.

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